Vyaz font is one of my study projects I worked on when I was making an extra curriculum in typography on MOME TYPO2 course in Budapest. 
My half slavic, half Hungarian origins inspired me to investigate and merge ancient slavic lettering with latin alphabet.
All letters in Vyaz fonts originally used to be connected with ligatures, however I tried to separate them in a way typical to modern European writing.
This is how ligatures work with Vyaz font. A rule of thumb was as follows: vowels were smaller and with rounded shapes and consonants had extra-long vertical stems. In my version of typeface I refused to use rounded shapes for every letter. I wanted to keep it as much geometric as possible, you'll see why. 

Anyway, if you look into original old-time scripts you can find various ways of combination of these two in ancient texts.

I didn't manage to create all ligature pairs, because as per my calculations it would be several thousands of combinations of letters with each other, so it was beyond my study project.
As far as originally Vyaz scripts were used for sacred texts and decorations, readability wasn't the priority. What more, there is a theory where ancient people actually used this type of font for scripting sacred messages that only chosen could read and understand.

Due to geometric structure and sophisticated ligature system, one can combine letters in words, rotate them, duplicate them to power up with sacred meanings and encrypt the names of Gods and Nature powers. Such rotated wording was called "Koloslov", literally, "a round word". With my modern font you can encrypt basically whatever.  
With a font like this one could encrypt complicated messages that might look as some geometric ornament for anyone unfamiliar with this visual encryption system. But for those who could read the font, an ornament was full of meaning. This is why it was called "Uzor" from the word "uzret" which means "to see". 
Originally Vyaz style typefaces were used for decoration purposes mostly, in books and cultic images, like icons to sign the names of Saints represented.
My suggestion for modern application of Vyaz font: ornaments are perfect for clothes decorations in all times, so Vyaz font can be used for any apparel design, like T-shirt prints and typographic tattoos as well, you can encrypt some secret messages with it.
Rock pattern
Rock Star ornament
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